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Tips for Oriental rug lovers

June 9, 2016

Some homeowners say that a correct way to design a room is by using an oriental rug. You can start by designing it around the rug, but if you want to consider on getting a rug, you need to consider first the quality of the materials used in making the rug.

Most expensive rugs today are figured out by how tedious it was made and how intricate the designs are. However, some commercial made rugs are now machine made so it needs some experts to identify One way to tell the difference is by checking the back of the rug and check the materials used. A machine made rug is made of polypropylene and synthetic wool. You can also check with the dealer on where they get the rugs. Some reputable dealers specialize in handmade oriental rugs so make sure you buy with this kind of dealers.

And if you want to preserve your expensive rugs, you can easily ask some professional Carpet cleaners in London. They will be happy to suggest and give a few do’s and don’ts tips.  You can also try to add a padding to help you protect the rugs and prevent it from moving on the floor. Try to keep the rug out from the sun to avoid fading. Remember, the sunlight can fade the wool material of the rug, so keep them away from the sun so it can last for a very long time. You can also move and rotate them regularly to prevent an over-wear on just one side of the rug.

Cleaning the rug is another important thing to consider. Some prefer to get help from Carpet cleaning in London but some choose to clean the rug themselves. If you ask some experts from the London carpet cleaners, they will tell you that oriental rugs need a delicate and mild cleaning method. The vacuum and the harsh chemicals will just remove the essential oils from the rugs that will make the carpet brittle. So before you clean your oriental rugs, you need to ask some help from professional London carpet cleaning services first.


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