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Making an irritant-free home

June 9, 2016

Most people with allergies think that they should stay home to be safe from the allergens in the surroundings, however, they don’t know that allergy could still trigger inside their homes. Homeowners may think that they have the cleanest home, but allergens can still be lurking inside the house.

When its winter or cool season, homeowners tend to warm up their houses by sealing it. But people don’t realize that this will the house a haven for moulds, and dust mites that can cause sneezing, itching and nose congestion. Remember, irritants can also be a cause of chronic cold.

When people heats up the furnace, dust can build up into the carpet, furniture and upholstery around the house. People don’t realize that some air pollutants exist indoors because of the dust and moulds that circulates inside the house. So to help you to reduce the indoor allergens, here are some simple tips to make your homes free from pollutants.

  • Try to balance the humidity level inside your home to lessen the growth of moulds. You can also buy a humidifier to help you balance the humidity inside your home.
  • Regularly clean the air filter in your furnace. A clean air filter can eliminate up to 90 percent of pollen, spores and other air pollutants. And if your filter needs replacement, don’t hesitate to change it before it’s too late.
  • According to professional Carpet cleaners in Gravesend, moulds can build up carpets during cold months. They suggest that homeowners should clean their carpets and upholstery regularly. And to get rid of moulds, use a small amount of bleach with water, then use shampoo to soften the carpet material.
  • Gravesend carpet cleaners suggest that upholstery and mattresses should always be free from moulds and dust. You can use a vacuum and steam cleaners to avoid moisture build up. Homeowners can also call Gravesend carpet cleaning team to help in their moulds and dust problems.

Homeowners always want a safe and clean home so make it a safe haven for your family by just following this simple step.

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